Zed Run! – The Survival Horror Game Show

Zed Run! is a survival horror game show set 25 years after the zed virus turned 90% of the worlds population into flesh eating zombies.

The players must explore a 7 x 7 grid of tiles laid out to create the play area, the Dead City.

During this exploration, gathering items, weapons, and prizes is key, as your contestant is initially tossed unarmed into the fray.

In combat, rolling a 6 on a D6 will score you a kill, and found weapons and items will better that chance.

Hazard tiles will make the run a bit more “hazardous” — such as adding scores of hungry dead, which you can plop down on your favorite rivals, or “Infection” which will change your recently deceased contestant, into a ZED, now bent on devouring your former rivals and able to control the actions for your lesser zombie brothers.

So grab the loot, find the exit and win big… your rivals are zombie chow!

Zed Run.v1 rule set

Zed Run-Cards tiles and tokens

Zed Run 1 – Remake – Updated Graphics (does not contain tokens or contestant cards)

Page 10 is the Card Backs for pages 1-6

Page 11 is the Card Backs for page 7

Page 12 is the Card backs for page 8-9


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