Zed Run! 2 – Rural Rampage

Welcome back to Zed Run, the goriest game show on earth. In our 2nd Season we’re changing a few things this year, Dead City is well … Dead. After 48 contestants and well over 813 zombie corpses, the air down there is starting to get a little ripe.

 “Lets face it, we were all getting a bit tire of the same old playground…”


So we’ve packed up our hapless contestants and moved to a new location.

Id like to welcome everyone to “Zombie Flats”, once a sleepy little Rural community, well before the Zed, now a home to more zombie mayhem than you can shake a stick at.

So from trailer parks to the old coal mine, we’ve added a rustic feel, a down home kinda zombie bashin’. So grab up yur youngins, fire up that pickup and let the Huntin begin!!!

 ***Warning May Contain Redneck humor, If you find this in anyway offensive … TUFF!***

 “Not like they could read that anyway”

 This is not a complete game, the original Zed Run!!! Game is required to play.


48 ZR tiles

20 Item cards

15 Prize cards

4 New Character / Zed Cards

What’s new you ask?

We’ve added 48 new locations, each with that authentic rural feel. There’s 20 new Items for the contestants to use against the zombie horde, fifteen new luxurious prizes for the contestants to win, and four new rural contestants.

Rule Changes

The NO PASS collars have been removed (it just wasn’t in the budget), so at the beginning of each players turn, they can move up to 5 zombies one tile.

Ranged Weapons

Some of the new weapons have the ability to hit targets from a tile away, they will be marked with range of 1.

“Bessie, The Zombie Eatin Pig”

Bessie, when called will devour her fill of up to (5) zombies, she then falls into a deep sleep for the next 4 turns and cannot be called until she is hungry again. The zombies will not attack Bessie and even ignore her while she’s feeding on them.


Sadly this title is in prototyping phase.. but will be available soon.


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