Zed by Dawn

The world as you knew it has collapsed, flesh eating horrors from your worst nightmares walk the earth, and your low on ammo..

Welcome to Zed by Dawn.

Zed by Dawn is a print-and-play solo survival horror dice and card game in the world of Zed Run!!! Before the Citystates, before the Gameshow, there were survivors that tirelessly fought the undead hordes; ZbD pits you against a world gone mad.

Zbd’s Combat system requires the player to meet or exceed a number of successes that match the encounters target number,
using a custom set of six-sided dice.

Each roll weather it be all six dice or just one die will use the survivors precious resources, Fatigue is use to preform melee attacks, ammo is used to preform ranged attacks and if your survivor is ever out of these resources, they cannot use the matching weapon.

Weapons will lower the needed number of successes to defeat encounters.

Items will be used to replenish your survivors resource pools.

Events encountered will hinder your advancement.

Survive to draw the last card in the ZbD deck and made it thru the night. But what will tomorrow bring.

You must manage your resources, acquire supplies, and defeat an endless army of the walking dead; your only goal is to survive.

ZbDruleset v5

ZbD Full Color Cards

Combat Dice Labels


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