Hero Express

Hero Express – Dark City

Hero Express is a superhero re-theme of Arkham Express by David Willems.

Players will select one of the six included Heroes, or make your own, each with a unique special ability.

During a player’s turn they will roll 5 Hero dice with unique symbols on each side, after rolling they have the option of re-rolling 3 more times.

If the “Villain” symbol is rolled on a die it is locked and cannot be re-rolled (unless the hero has an ability that allows it).

If 3 Villain symbols appear a new crime is reported and a new villain appears in Dark City.

The other sides of the dice include movement, Hero tokens (spent to use superpowers and items), recovery, and combat symbols (used when fighting the villains).

Capturing Villains allow the gathering of Justice Points, which are spent at a super secret location to purchase new abilities and items.

If at anytime there is 9 active crimes on the board, they Mayor will replace your team.

Each player must carefully choose how to use their abilities, items and hero tokens to thwart crimes and ultimately draw the Crimelord from hiding and defeat him.

Again I would like to thank David Willems for allowing me to create this re-theme, and for creating Arkham Express.

Hero Express – Graphics Update Package

Hero Express beta package


Hero Express – Blighthaven

Fantasy re-theme of my Super Hero re-theme.

Coming Soon…


One response to “Hero Express

  1. Marceli

    March 15, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    Seems to be interesting! I hope it’s harder than Arkham Horror (it was so damn easy to win)!


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