Riotious playtesters.. or Cheetos have no Armor value!

12 Aug

Had a playtest of the 3m last night at my favorite gamer hangout.

Most have been onboard since zed runs infancy, and have followed the series into Zed by Dawn.

With a few pokes and and jabs, I unveiled the 3M, this evil dungeon crawl, that used the ACE system,

well kinda.

First words said.. This isnt the ACE system.. and they were right, it was kinda fun, clunky and a bit confusing,

but my goal was to tweak the ace and make a pair.. sadly ended up with a deuce in the hole.

Eh, no biggy not like i designed 80 cards.. only 27.. but going back to the basic ace, and 3 pots of coffee later I

blended the ace and the deuce and got 3 of a kind. ergo the newest beta rules for 3M,

this being said, my java jitters over, i’ll post the new set when i wake up.

(Sorry Craig more for you to read)

So kudos for midday nappys




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2 responses to “Riotious playtesters.. or Cheetos have no Armor value!

  1. Craig Cartmell

    August 12, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    You still need to give me an e-mail address if you want my full critique and proof read of the beta rules mate 🙂

  2. bloodsworndesigns

    August 13, 2011 at 12:18 am

    Sorry about that, sent a email.. damn computer gremlins.. try


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