Hexplorers almost done

Sorry for the delay, but the holidays took their toll..

Will post the complete package in a few days.



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Hexplorers demo package

quick little demo package to play.

11 tiles 1 boss and 4 character sheets

hexplorers set 1 beta tile package

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Hexplorers Tile Artwok

Way back in august 2010 when I began work on the original Hexplorers design I contacted an amazing artist Orlando Ramirez who graciously allowed me to use his “Underworld Tiles” for the original design. sadly I shelved the design, I wasn’t happy with the game core.

So now with a new core system, and Mr Ramirez’s amazing tiles, Hexplorers makes it to the light of day.

Hexplorers Set 1 – Warriors Resolve v2 beta rules

Dungeon Hextile design

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Hero Dice gets a new look and Name

I was recently informed that the name hero dice, was in fact taken.. so my apologies to the copyright holder, and a few key stokes later Hexplorers is born, well adopted.. oh and yes I’ve decided to go hex.

New rules and beta package will be available soon.

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To Hex or Not to Hex

Been tossing about the idea to completely remove the need for item, event and encounter cards for Hero Dice, by adding a Dice ring to each dungeon room, simply roll a d6 upon entering and the die value will tell you what you’ve encountered. Could be a Monster, a Trap, a treasure or just be empty.

tracking xp could be done with tokens.. my real problem would be for the player to get new items.. maybe tokens as well.


any thoughts?

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Hero Dice – Warrior hextile.. maybe

tossed around several ideas, and the standard playing card shape just wasn’t what I was after.. so I said hey the boss tile is hex shaped, why not the heroes.

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Sneek Peek – Hero Dice Boss Card Design

Boss card with Dice Ring, works like a players Hero Die. If the Boss rolls the High Die, it also invokes

the bosses ability listed on the ring.

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